The Salty Dog

Yesterday morning Jimmy and I jetted over the hill to Santa Cruz for a super quick surf session at Pleasure Point. We paddled out to Second Peak. Jimmy caught some bombs. It was big and steep and I only caught 2 waves.


The good part of the morning: Surfer Showers! This is a little secret wherein you fill a big gallon jug with the hottest water possible, strip off your wetsuit and luxuriate in that piping hot water before frostbite sets in. It truly is ecstasy.


The bad part of the morning: NO TIME TO STOP AT VERVE :((((( (best coffee in town!)

Verve has the best whip cream on the planet.
Verve has the best whip cream on the planet.

Dr. Jimmy had to haul ass to work to see patients—he didn’t even have time for a proper shower. I love that… a salty, sunkissed podiatrist at your service!

One thought on “The Salty Dog

  1. I love the Surfer Shower! I guess it’s the California version of the Polar Plunge!

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